I apologize. I thought I was all about doing one more thing but something recently slipped by me. My wonderful Scion has had a very slow leak in one of the tires and every day, I go out and check to see if I need to stop by a garage to get the darn thing inflated. About once a week I get gas and fill up the tire. I keep thinking, “gosh, I should really get that checked out” but then think, “when am I going to have the time to take it to the tire shop?”

Well, today I dropped Walker off to play with Grammy Jane at Toddler Tunes and I noticed it was time for my weekly tire trip. Annoyed, I wonder if they’ll let me inflate for free if I only buy two gallons of gas so I also unsuccessfully scour the car for three quarters. And then it happened. The fog parted and I realized I could be much more efficient. Why continue the cycle of emergency air stops when I have one of the best mechanics in SF blocks from my office? So I skidaddled on over to see Robert at Action Auto and he fixed my tire for $20. And to top it off, I got some good exercise walking to and from the garage. So, I hope you won’t think any less of me. I was in a rut but I seem to be back at jamming as much into my day as possible. (When putting Walker to bed, I had some good business ideas as well as thoughts about how to reorganize the sleeping arrangements and toddler gates for maximum efficiency.)

And what’s a blog post without a photo of Walker? When we went to Florida, we got smart and hid the shoe shine kit before Walker could destroy the brass tops. But it’s heavy and not something Gigi can move herself. So, we had to replace it before we left for the airport. Walker took the opportunity to mess with it during the very short time between moving it and going to the airport — you can tell we’re on our way soon since Walker was donning his backpack filled with toy.

And of course, all the girls love Walker… Need I say more?