Daddy loves Photoshop

Daddy loves Photoshop


Walker is trying out the basic surfing techniques -- matching the outfit with the board.

Mommy is tired tonight but can’t let the week go by without a post. (Gigi just got her computer set up and we couldn’t chat on Skype ‘cuz Walker was either eating or napping.) Walker has started saying something over and over but we can’t figure out what it means. “Ummmm… Ahh-DEE!” It’s not one of us, his binky, Bunny Foo Foo or any kind of food. We’ll be trying to figure it out this week. Could be Russian, who knows.

It was unusually fantastic this weekend so we’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Saturday we took a walk…

and later that day, we hung out at the beach and bumped into Uncle Thayer…

Hanging at the beach

Thowing sand to the wind... But I don't like sand on my hands