Our Walker is apparently quite a little Casanova over at Day Care. There are reports that he is hugging his friends all day long. He runs up to them and wraps his little arms around them and hangs on for dear life. “OK Walker. I love you too!” is a common refrain after an extended hug. Apparently this has been going on for some time and now Daniel (age 3) runs away in fear of being trapped by small serial hugger.

On Monday, I witnessed the Hugmeister in action. Both Walker and Ocean arrived at the same time. Ocean (age 3) kissed her Daddy in the door and Walker waited patiently. Then he turns to her and gives her a big hug. After a few seconds, he releases her and leans in for a kiss. Being a full head taller than Walker, she leans down and gives him a small peck on the cheek and then grabs his hand and together they walked down the hall. I was frozen in place with tears welling up in my eyes. It was just too sweet for words.

I lift my wine glass to a wonderful boy who I hope will always have so much love in his heart

And while I should be working tonight, I finally set up my Facebook page and struggled to figure out how to connect it with the blog, the Flickr site and my Twitter account. And for all of you who all of a sudden thought I had started speaking another language, in fact I have. It’s the language of being too connected and spending time slowing going blind by staring at a computer screen. I’ll figure out how all these applications fit together but I’ll also have to prioritize posting to the various community sites with knitting a special present for Sofiya’s soon to be born grandson and actually engaging with the living beings around me. I know Moxie would like me to spend a few moments petting her tonight 🙂

But can’t let a post go by without a new photo of Walker. Isn’t this the best t-shirt? A special present from Daddy.

Charlie Brown