November 2008

I’m a big fan of learning. I love learning new things. However, some things I’d just like to hear about rather than experience.

This morning, ready to face a busy and challenging day, I headed out the door. Today was different than other days. Larry and I had coordinated Walker transportation — I’d take him and Larry would pick him up as I’m presenting recommendations for off-shoring web development to India for some Adobe products. Excited about what the day would bring, we approached the little grey Scion XA and Larry noticed both curb-side tires were flat. Now, not flat, but FLAT. And this is a problem because I’d needed my car to go to work and Larry needed his car to pick up the Little Man. The Scion is also blocking the driveway. Larry immediately taked charge and moved the Scion back and told me to take the Honda to work. “I’ll take care of it,” he said, with authority. I handed him our AAA card. He looked at me with amusement.

As I blithely went off to work, Larry got busy going to Kragan to purchase an air compressor. Larry conducted a test to see if we had leaks or if it was someone just releasing the air (wishful thinking). It only took 30 minutes for the recently fully inflated tires to become FLAT. So we all know we do what we do best and Larry called me to figure out where to take iPod Jack (the name of our Scion) to get the tires fixed. As the places I usually go are across the city and the tires won’t make it that far, we consulted Yelp and find Paul’s Battery and Tire Company at Geary and 10th (which is about 5 miles away from the house). Larry pumped up the tires again and took the car to get it fixed. It is going to take a few hours to repair the tires and Larry isn’t dressed to wait in the cold fog. He purchased a new vest (which is better than the alternative which was also considered — renting a hotel room near the garage. Larry goes home for a few moments and in a short time is able to use Facebook to connect with a Hollywood friend who likes Astronauts in Trouble (yay!). I chatted with Larry and I asked him what he wants for dinner since he should have anything he wants since he’s spending the day to deal with FLAT tires. “Nothing in particular,” he responds.

Larry slogged back to Paul’s to pick up the car (now costing $200+vest+compressor) and pick up Walker, allowing me to present a strategy for off-shoring marketing to India (the presentation went well, thank you). I arrived home to a clean car with two new tires. The guy from Paul’s tells us something only a tire guy would know — between Halloween and Thanksgiving, there’s a prejudice against black cars (our dark grey car looks black at night). Neighborhood punks decide to futz with black cars. This year they punctured my tires with a Phillips head screwdriver. Last year they stole my Scion logo. We’re two-for-two. So, while interesting that there’s some random car hatred associated with color and dates on a calendar, I would have preferred to learn that in a random conversational snippet than through experience — paying $300+ for tires, transportation, vests, and elaborate dinners.

Did I mention that Best Husband Ever decided he did (after all) want Good Dinner as a reward for the harrowing day and after Little Dude went to bed, we had Dungeness Crab and white wine? And as I write this, he’s doing dishes.

Best Husband Ever.

Daddy loves Photoshop

Daddy loves Photoshop


Walker is trying out the basic surfing techniques -- matching the outfit with the board.

Mommy is tired tonight but can’t let the week go by without a post. (Gigi just got her computer set up and we couldn’t chat on Skype ‘cuz Walker was either eating or napping.) Walker has started saying something over and over but we can’t figure out what it means. “Ummmm… Ahh-DEE!” It’s not one of us, his binky, Bunny Foo Foo or any kind of food. We’ll be trying to figure it out this week. Could be Russian, who knows.

It was unusually fantastic this weekend so we’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Saturday we took a walk…

and later that day, we hung out at the beach and bumped into Uncle Thayer…

Hanging at the beach

Thowing sand to the wind... But I don't like sand on my hands

Our Walker is apparently quite a little Casanova over at Day Care. There are reports that he is hugging his friends all day long. He runs up to them and wraps his little arms around them and hangs on for dear life. “OK Walker. I love you too!” is a common refrain after an extended hug. Apparently this has been going on for some time and now Daniel (age 3) runs away in fear of being trapped by small serial hugger.

On Monday, I witnessed the Hugmeister in action. Both Walker and Ocean arrived at the same time. Ocean (age 3) kissed her Daddy in the door and Walker waited patiently. Then he turns to her and gives her a big hug. After a few seconds, he releases her and leans in for a kiss. Being a full head taller than Walker, she leans down and gives him a small peck on the cheek and then grabs his hand and together they walked down the hall. I was frozen in place with tears welling up in my eyes. It was just too sweet for words.

I lift my wine glass to a wonderful boy who I hope will always have so much love in his heart

And while I should be working tonight, I finally set up my Facebook page and struggled to figure out how to connect it with the blog, the Flickr site and my Twitter account. And for all of you who all of a sudden thought I had started speaking another language, in fact I have. It’s the language of being too connected and spending time slowing going blind by staring at a computer screen. I’ll figure out how all these applications fit together but I’ll also have to prioritize posting to the various community sites with knitting a special present for Sofiya’s soon to be born grandson and actually engaging with the living beings around me. I know Moxie would like me to spend a few moments petting her tonight 🙂

But can’t let a post go by without a new photo of Walker. Isn’t this the best t-shirt? A special present from Daddy.

Charlie Brown

Actually, the headline should read “Walker goes to APE” but it’s not as catchy. APE is the Alternative Press Expo, a comic book convention run by our friends who are also the wizards behind San Diego Comic Con, the world’s best (and one of the largest) comic gathering. We’ve been attending for more than a decade and 2008 marks the first convention for the Little Man. He has been the hit of the show and was even mentioned as a show highlight on some comic news sites. Here’s a photo taken by Newsarama journalist JK Parkin.

On Saturday, Walker was taking in all the sights and sounds. He loved running around the HUGE place and waving “hi” to everyone. Some punk rock comic creators were smitten by him when he played for minutes with their bicycle spoke roulette wheel. They drew him a picture and gave him one of their CDs. Walker also enjoyed walking up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down… the stairs. One of the cutest moments was when he was walking up and down (see a pattern here?) the handicap ramp. The first time he decided to descend the ramp, he walked up to it, sat down, and scooted forward on his butt as if he expected it to be like a slide. Since he didn’t whip down the slide, he opted for running. Mommy was very tired and sore from all the up and down activity.

I should take this time to mention that I found a time when I couldn’t manage One More Thing. I had my hands full with watching Walker and transporting his stuff from place to place. I had no capacity for helping Larry prepare, set up, or work the show. I rarely find myself thinking I’ve reached my limit but I did for just an instant. Upon arriving home, I was thrilled to sit down and drink the last glass of wine in the house. Read on, and you’ll understand why.

The convention is conveniently located a block from the Adobe office. In the past, we’ve just used the parking garage so we didn’t have to fight for parking. But this year, having the office so close has been a lifesaver. After so much activity, Walker was exhausted so we’ve gone to the office to find a quiet and dark place to nap. Well, that’s the theory. On Saturday, it was POURING rain. The roof at the convention center was leaking everywhere (we had a sign at our booth simply saying, “Yes, we know” as one leak was directly above our tables). Walker and I went out to deliver lunch and we got a bit wet. So not only did we want to use the office for napping but also for drying off. So we braved the rain and arrived drenched. We peeled off our jackets and I removed Walker’s shoes, socks and pants. I removed my sweater and put on a fleece jacket I keep at my desk. I bundled up the little guy in two blankets and two jackets, turned off the light, turned on Sleep Sheep (so he has his wave noises) and he quickly fell to sleep. A deep sleep. So deep that an hour later, when the fire alarm went off (with the accompanying flashing lights and ear piercing beeps), he kept sleeping. Being pretty confident there was no fire in the building, I waited for security to turn off the alarm. And I waited. And I waited (but I do start getting our stuff together since it’s all over the office). And I waited some more until I saw a few fire engines pull up with sirens blaring. Figuring it would be odd to see an employee sitting in an office with a half naked baby with fire alarm blaring, I decided it’s finally worth waking the peacefully sleeping Walker and take him into the other building. I can’t carry all our stuff so I just picked up the heavily bundled baby and transported him to the main Adobe building next door. We waited for about twenty minutes while the SFFD confirmed that the alarm was triggered by some water on the roof but they had difficulty turning it off because they didn’t have access to a room in the building. Walker, in the meantime, slowly awoke and didn’t want to sit on my lap anymore. So he got off the couch and ran and danced around the lobby in his shirt and diaper, looking out the front door as people from the convention walked by and oggled at the building (you see, Adobe software is essential for most of these folks’ art so it’s a sort of artistic Mecca).

Walker does his pantless rain dance

We finally get the nod to return to the other building so we could finally gather up our belongings, get dressed and head back to let Daddy take a restroom break (it had been hours since he’d been able to leave the booth). But it was not to be. The alarm went off again before we could make it back in the building and the poor, wet security woman had to call 911 to have SFFD return again. This time they brought big axes and after another extended period, things went back to normal. (However, there will be a few folks who will return to their desks on Monday and wonder why they are either higher or lower than they left them. They won’t know a little half-naked Pixie found the buttons to adjust the desk height. I did successfully stop the Pixie from shutting down a video server.)

Walker naps at Adobe

Today nap time seems is thankfully much less exciting. We are camped out in a conference room in the main building and we’ve managed almost 120 uninterrupted napping minutes. It’s not raining today either so my outlook is a bit more positive. After nap, we’ll return to APE and likely run back and forth under a 2.5 foot opening of the main entrance which Walker thinks is hysterical since he can clear it without ducking while Mommy must do deep kneebends to follow him. We’ll giggle and make new friends and see our old friends and then put the books away until July when Daddy goes to San Diego.

And I must say that our lives are rather mundane in comparison to Uncle Thayer who leaves tonight for a last-minute assignment from Playboy magazine in which he will be spending a week on a boat in Mexico, chumming for and swimming with Great White Sharks. The only advice his wise big sister could muster was, “keep your hands and feet inside the cage at all times.”

P.S. Nothing to report for Halloween. I worked all day, skipping an Adobe Mom/Baby lunch. Walker reprised his role as Yoda for Sofiya and Larry wore his Luke costume when he went to pick him up at the end of the day (both were a big hit). We didn’t go out Trick or Treating. We did, however, have a pleasant surprise on Saturday when our neighbor from across the street gave us a beautiful pumpkin cookie she had gotten for Walker since she expected him to come visit the night before. I’m so proud Walker brings out such joy and love in people.