November 2007

I’ve had some requests for more video and it’s been tough to find the time to get something charming enough for the world to see. Work has been really, really busy and I’m still trying to find the balance between Adobe, paying bills, making yummy food, and spending quality time with my little Love Lump. (I have found that one of my very favorite activities, aside from bath time, is putting on Walker’s shoes and socks in the morning.)

Yesterday the opportunity for some quality video presented itself. Walker has a cold and while he’s all congested, he doesn’t seem to be feeling terrible (as evidenced by his smiling and laughing and general lightheartedness). However, with the onset of the cold, a favorite communication skill returned — IT’S RASPBERRY SEASON. I couldn’t be happier. You’ll see why I’m such a nut when you watch the video. I particularly like the lead up to the actual event. The big globs of spit and the preparation of the tongue have been perfected over the last few weeks. We are VERY proud of this advanced communication skill.

Today was a big day. We met our friend Sydney from Philly. She’s the beautiful daughter of one of my best friends from high school and Sydney is 7 weeks younger than Walker. They seemed to have a nice time together and we hope it’s the first of many visits.

I’m beginning to prepare for the holidays. I’ve started knitting Walker’s stocking. Tonight I’ll plan Thanksgiving dinner and I will scale back what I usually make. (Mommo/Gigi reminds me that I can have guests bring some dishes.) Dad and his friend Rich Perry are coming from Sea Ranch and we’ll get a chance to meet Dad’s NEW DOGGIE, a beautiful four year old yellow lab named Bart (aka “American Bart” since my sister Hilary’s Italian dog also answers to Bart). Thayer will also be in attendance so I’ll be the only chick which is notable, since at my step-mother’s family gatherings, there is significantly more estrogen represented. (Moxie will be in the house but I suspect she will be hiding deep in the closet to be safe from the dog.)

I’ve realized how difficult it is to get everything done. There are a few errands I’ve wanted to complete and have been putting them off because either I don’t have the time or I choose to spend it with Walker. My list of stuff to do just gets longer and I don’t check items off as frequently as I have in the past. At some point I do get to them. It just may take a few weeks. I’m learning to reset my expectations and be comfortable with not being able to cram errands in on my way home from work. I’m also (slowly) getting more efficient at work. I have been leaving work around 5 so I can pick up Walker from Sofiya’s. We’re working on making dinner early, putting Walker to bed, and then doing some more work before bed. It’s not a schedule I can maintain every day given my current sleep schedule but it’s manageable a few times a week.

Off to flip through my Thanksgiving recipes and make my shopping list. If you have another moment, you may want to learn something about yourself by figuring out which way the dancer is spinning


Since I’ve successfully made the transition back to work and Walker seems to keep growing (funny how he does that), Larry and I decided it was time for Walker to make the transition to his room and begin sleeping in his crib. Knowing the poor kid has been going through a lot of change which has been impacting his sleep, I had resigned myself to staying near him throughout the night. That means moving into his room which does not have a bed for mommy. I’m bivouacked on the floor with a twin mattress and clock from our guest room and a sleeping bag. The room isn’t that big so during the day the mattress is up against his shelves and when I’m ready to hit the hay, I put the mattress on the floor, bring the sleeping bag in from the living room (we use it as a soft surface for Walker to play on) and settle down for a few hours before Walker gets up to eat. It’s actually quite comfy. When Walker wakes up before 6am and wants to play, I’ll bring him into bed with me and we snuggle up. One recent morning, I awoke to Walker snoring next to me and the two cats at the foot of the TWIN bed. He’ll stay there until I come back to get him after I get ready for work. What a good boy!

Walker has ceased the endless raspberries. I’m rather sad about it because it was so darn cute. More than once he would be on a blanket with spit all around his head and all over his face due to the quantity and quality of the raspberries. Last week at Day Care, Lisa said he “pooped with noise” and then looked at her and said “pfffbt.” Then, just to prove it wasn’t a fluke, he did it again. Ah, those were the days. Now, we’ll hear the rare raspberry but it’s no longer the bulk of his dialog.

An update on the sleeping patterns… Our little Radish is able to string a few 3 hour blocks together and then wakes up every 1.5 to 2 hours. I only have to get up 3 times before I’m up for the day. This is progress in the right direction but still not back up to the glory days of 5-7 hour stretches.

Work is going really well. It’s very busy and I’m starting to get deep into projects so I’m finding it stimulating. (My boss has made sure to tell me how thrilled he is that I’ve returned!) There are still challenges with wanting to get everything done, having to take care of “making Walker’s lunch”, and needing to get home to spend some time with Walker before bed. I haven’t yet gotten home after Walker falls asleep although last week I did return only a few short minutes before going to bed. I try not to think too much about the amount of time I spend with my son each weekday because we do have incredible time together. He’s all smiles and laughter even when it’s just to get dressed in the morning or to take a bath at night. But I do have to say, Friday afternoon I was SO EXCITED when I realized I was going to be spending all weekend with the Little Man. We’re not doing anything special. Just errands. But he makes them much more fun than they used to be.

My posts are getting less frequent but I plan on sticking to them. Gigi has moved back down to Florida and she just set up her computer. My sister, Hilary, reads the blog all the way in Milan. And I know there are many others who check in across the country. It’s good to know folks are staying current with Walker through his mother’s musings. I’ll attempt to keep them entertaining.

I’ve had a few small epiphanies about how I’m officially turning into a MOM. Let me share:

  • I’m a Baby Wrangler. This means that I travel with twice as many bags as I used to. And people called me “bag lady” before. I take 5 bags with me in the morning when I leave the house. Oh, and the baby in the car seat!
  • I’m thrilled when I go to the mailbox and get one of my “mommy mags.”
  • I started washing my face with special soap and using moisturizer.
  • More than once I’ve put a pacifier in my mouth to get the lint off it.
  • I made two dinners (in the same week even) from recipes I got from PARENTS magazine.
  • I’m more proud of getting Walker to bed than most of the other stuff I might do at work or home. And speaking of which, I hear some fussing… Gotta run.

Captain and Commander

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It’s Halloween and despite the fact that I haven’t slept in a week, I have to post a few photos and a short blog.

Walker has decided to wake up a lot during the evening. About a week ago he started waking up every two hours but quickly falling back to sleep after eating. It’s gone downhill from there. Last night he was up every hour or so and deciding that screaming would be a good way to ensure everyone stayed awake with him. It’s a good thing he’s so cute or that kind of behavior would make me cranky. However, he’s happy and cuddly during the day. And the only casualty has been a bit of my sanity but it’s questionable how much I had to begin with.

Today is his first Halloween and of course, he and Daddy donned their astronaut gear. Walker’s jacket is a MacGuyver move — it used to be a jumper but got too small so I cut off the legs and last night, in the dark, although exhausted, while a screaming Walker was consoled by Daddy, I ironed a hem with Stitch Witchery, just so Walker could be a Shuttle Pilot… He does look a bit stunned this morning but trust me, he was thrilled. He also has the coolest Daddy because when Daddy took Walker to day care this morning, he did so in his astronaut costume. Boy, were they a hit! Apparently one child was a bit bent out of shape because before Larry showed up, the kid had the best outfit. Sometimes adults just have better toys.

Anyway, I have many more things to say but I have to go back upstairs and take the opportunity to do a bit of work for Adobe while Walker is sleeping. Did I mention he’s SLEEPING? Keeping my fingers crossed that the spell has broken and all this no sleeping nonsense was just because he was so darn excited to be Commander Tadpole.

Happy Halloween!