Nothin’ to worry about. Today went smoothly and Walker seemed to enjoy himself. Larry and I arrived at Sofia’s to drop of our little man. The house smelled incredible. As I gave Lisa his bin of belongings (choking back a few tears), Sofia took some hot blintzes off the skillet and gave them to us. She said she can’t wait for Walker to be able to eat solids so he can have her homemade blintzes. In the meantime, Larry and I are happy to eat his share.

All the kids were very excited to meet Walker and the oldest (“I’m the biggest!” she declared) complimented Walker, “What a BEAUTIFUL baby!” He’s going to fit in very well with the diverse group of kids. We left with Sofia holding Walker and everyone looking very content.

I had decided I wasn’t going to call to check up on him. I knew he’d be fine. However, Sofia is so awesome that she called us twice just to give us an update on his naps (he slept more with her than he does with us), eating and pooping. When we picked him up, he was all snuggled up and playing with Sofia. Nothin’ to worry about.

Monday will still be hard but I’m thrilled to know that Walker is in fantastic hands. I suppose I can stop eating blocks of Sharp Cheddar and wedges of Brie.