Charlie gives Walker a Binky

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Last Thursday we met Charlie and Ryan (Stephanie’s twin 2 year old boys) at the Zoo. It was a big day for everyone. Walker got to see a bunch of exotic animals (including a small monkey with a mustache and some funny penguins that would swim at top speed and leap into the air) and meet some really great older boys, Ryan got to run around, and Charlie gave up his pacifier. Yes, Stephanie had told Charlie that Walker needed one and Charlie should give Walker his old pacifier to use. Charlie was not looking forward to meeting Walker but he graciously and generously walked right up to the stroller and gave Walker the pacifier. That was the end of that. I wonder what child will need a pacifier when it’s time for Walker to give up his?

Speaking of animals, today was an incredible day at the beach. I had hoped to take a long walk down at Chrissy Field but I had jammed a bunch of errands in the afternoon and it was 4:15 by the time we got in the car to go for the walk. Instead, we went home and decided to walk along the beach at our house. Good thing we did! The day was spectacular — the sun was shining and the marine layer was way far back on the horizon. The surf was minimal and the rest of the ocean was fairly calm. There were hundreds of sea birds on the beach and in the air over a small patch of ocean. I noticed something not far off shore jump and splash. I kept watching and I saw a spout. I still am not sure what I saw but it was either a pod of dolphins or a pod of small whales feeding off shore. They were sharing the fish with gulls, pelicans and other birds. It was magical.