The other evening we had a conversation about what inventions most impacted our lives. Shirley’s grandmother had said she was most impressed by store-bought mayonnaise. Her mother said the radio. After some serious consideration, Shirley said the cell phone. I added the Internet to the list and Larry said the personal computer. I’m not sure if I’m sticking with the Internet or amending mine to be the microprocessor — I can’t decide.

Regardless of my ultimate decision, I put my thouhts toward baby-related inventions. I pondered the topic in the middle of the night during one of the many feedings and here are some of the inventions I’m most thankful for right now (in no particular order):

  1. Epidural and other drugs: this is obvious but I’m not a big fan of pain
  2. Washing machine: While I haven’t had to do any laundry recently (thank you Shirley), I’m thrilled with the fact that we don’t have to go out and hand wash all the peed, puked and milked on jammies, blankets, and mommy clothes
  3. Disposable diapers, a diaper service, or g-diapers: whatever you use, I love the fact that I can quickly get him changed and comfy before he really starts to scream and I don’t have to deal much with the aftermath…
  4. Tivo/OnDemand/NetFlix: Everything is on Walker’s schedule but a girl still has to keep up on BIG LOVE, RESCUE ME, STUDIO 60 and the rest of the fun summer shows. And it’s great to have movies delivered that I can watch while I’m nursing.
  5. Blogs/Flickr: Goes without saying, how would we keep in touch on the rivieting recent events?
  6. TV on DVD: This is mainly a shout out to SPORTS NIGHT and watching all the episodes again and again without commercials.
  7. Solitare on the Treo: I’ve been playing a lot of solitare on my phone. I started it while in labor and I’ve been playing one handed while nursing. Seems to pass the time pretty well.
  8. Flashlights: Late at night it’s perfrect for checking to make sure Walker is still breathing or keeping down all the milk Mommy worked so hard to produce.
  9. Cell phones: I’ve been very good at keeping up with friends, family, and co-workers since I’ve got a lot of “sitting around” time.
  10. Breast Pump: I’m not using it now but I know I’ll appreciate when the time comes.